Spacing and cramming is the term used for a technique that uses a combination of very dense and very open spacing in the same warp. This creates a fabric with dense vertical stripes surrounded by loose open areas of weaving. It produces a wonderful fabric for window coverings, light-weight lace-like scarves, or garment fabric.

You will learn to design a warp for spacing and cramming, and how to thread a reed with a combination of various ends-per-inch (EPI) in the same warp. You will produce a small sample piece to test yarns and the technique, and then weave a short, lightweight scarf from that warp.

Skill level: Open to both beginners and experienced weavers. This class may be repeated as often as desired.

Supplies to bring to class: Folder for handouts and notes, pen, scissors, Sharpie marker, and tailors tape.

Materials (not included) will be chosen and purchased during the class. Cost will be approximately $35 or more based on fiber types chosen.

Looms will be available to you during shop hours to complete work and weave between classes as desired.


Saturdays, June 23, 30 & July 7, 14, 21 & 28


Cost: $180

Instructor: Tari Kerss